Ben Harrison IV

ITandYou_Intro.jpgHere at Harrison Technologies we know how important technology is to your business. In addition to keeping it running, our desire is to help you to use it to its full potential to help your business. When it comes to fully leveraging technology to help your business, knowledge is power. You know your business, we know IT, and the challenge is bridging the gap.

We take a two prong approach to this challenge. First, we make an effort to learn about your business, and especially how you work. This allows us to put our knowledge to work for you to find new ways to make you more efficient. Secondly, we want to educate you about IT. We don’t want to bore you with technical details or expect you to become experts. However we want you to be aware of what options and dangers are out there, and how they can affect you.

To that end we are proud to be able to publish on our website a new technology article several times a month. These articles are designed to help you understand ways you can fully leverage technology, as well as protect yourself from dangerous practices. We have a long list of topics, but we would appreciate your feedback. Please click here to submit ideas for articles, topics that are important to you and your business. We also look forward to getting your comments and additional questions on articles that we have posted.

The majority of these articles are written by members of our technical team, although occasionally we may include contributed articles. Our highly knowledgeable technical staff have appeared on local television news programs, assisted newspaper writers, and have contributed articles in magazines. That said, they are not professional writers so please excuse the typos and enjoy.