Like a well-dressed and experienced salesmen, a professional looking and informative website will promote your business and corporate image. In many cases potential customers see your website before having any other contact with your business. Others browse your website to verify your validity as a business. In either case the impression your website leaves is a major factor in winning the potential client.

The Web Design team at Harrison Technologies understands that every company has its own needs and budget when it comes to a website. To help you better understand your options we have put together several packages outlining different approaches to creating and maintaining your website.

If you have a small budget, and simple needs, this may be the best approach. There are a number of providers that offer professional quality website templates with a content management system (CMS). While you can usually tell a website that was creating using a template like this, it does produce a crisp, clean professional looking website. Setup is very simple; choose a template, input your company name and logo, and populate the content of the pages. The CMS makes it simple to make minor updates to the system on your own.

Some business owners may choose to handle the process on their own, others appreciate a little assistance. Our design team does more than help you select a template. They help you to understand what content is needed for the different pages. In addition, they modify your digital logo and photos for the template you choose. They review the text you have created and make minor modifications to increase your search engine rankings. In the end they put together the website and images and teach you the basics so you can use the content management system.

While the cost varies depending on the number of pages may have, in most cases we can assist you creating a professional looking website for $300-$600.

When you are ready for a truly unique website that represents your business, it’s time for a custom design created specifically for you. We start with a meeting to help us understand your personality as a business owner, and the personality of your business. In order to better understand you unique style, we review together other websites that catch your eye and discuss the specific aspects of each one that appeal to you. We also review your company logo, marketing material, photos, and more so we can have the full flavor of your business. During this meeting we also discuss what you want to accomplish with your website, and determine the appropriate content to reach your goals.

At the end of the first meeting we both leave with homework. You have the task of gathering together photos, information, and text to flush out the content of the website. We take back all we have learned and work with one of our graphic designs to create a design proof for your website. When we have completed our homework, we meet again to discuss the results. The design proof often has two distinct styles, so we review them to determine which style you prefer and note any minor adjustments you would like. We review the information you have gathered for the content and try to get any questions we have answered.

At this point one of our programmers goes to work and turns the design proof into a fully functional website. If you desire we have a copy editor review the text you have provided. In addition we review all content and make minor adjustments to improve search engine rankings. Once it’s all together, we meet again to review the entire site and identify any changes. Once the site has been approved we launch it.

The price for a customized website like this varies greatly depending on the content and complexity of the site. One other factor to consider is whether you want a “static” or “dynamic” website. In a “static”, each page has its own corresponding file on the server. Modifications would need to be done by us, another design firm, or someone with the correct software and at least some website design experience. This is the more cost effective solution, and works well for smaller websites where the content doesn’t change frequently. Creating a custom “static” website for you usually ranges from $1500-$3000.

In a “dynamic” website, you can easily modify pages or even add new ones through a built in content management system. This works well for larger more complex websites or website with frequently changing content. The cost for creating a custom “dynamic” website generally ranges from $3000-$4000.

When you are ready to sell your products online, it’s time for an e-commerce enabled website. While there are available online stores in the template approach to website building, we always recommend doing a custom designed website if you plan to sell items on your website. Aside from the freedom it provides, a custom designed website helps you potential buyers feel more comfortable with their online purchase as they can see that you have a well establish website.

E-commerce websites range greatly in price depending on you business needs. For example, you may sell a few products that seldom change. Or you could have a product list of thousands and need to change products on a daily basis and automatically track available inventory. Due to the wide variety of needs the price can vary greatly from $3000-$6000.

Our web designed team also ready to help you with the website you already have. We can make content updates, change hosting companies, work to improve search engine rankings and more. If you are just starting out and need a new website, or want to improve your existing one, we are ready to help make IT work for you.