Our friendly technicians can correct almost any issue you have with your computers or network. Although certain types of problems need an onsite visit, simple issues can often be resolved quickly and easily with our remote access tools. Whenever possible, we train the user to prevent or even correct the problems they encounter to provide a lasting solution.

A common issue is malware, including viruses and spyware infections, which reduce productivity and can be a security threat to your network. In most cases our expert technicians remove these threats quickly, but certain infections can be time consuming to combat. In order to keep repair costs to a minimum, our technicians have been trained to recommend re-installation or replacement of an infected workstation when it is the most cost effective solution. While keeping up to date anti-virus software is a must to combat this threat, user training is even more important. We often see repeat infections on users with unsafe or even inappropriate internet habits. As such we will always report if we find inappropriate or dangerous activity in the process of repairing the infection.

Especially with proprietary software, upgrades are seldom problem free. Our skilled technicians can assist with hardware or software upgrades so any issues that come up can be corrected immediately to reduce downtime and prevent data loss. When technical support from the manufacture is needed our team knows the process so we can bypass first tier support and quickly reach the high level engineers.

When our team repairs issues with your systems, the focus is not only the quick fix, but the ongoing health of your entire network. We look for ways to prevent repeat occurrences, or more efficient ways to perform the task. As always we don’t just make it work, we make IT work for you.